This includes Foam Bath, Two bucket wash, Fenders cleaned and treated, Rims cleaned and sealed, Clay, Carpro Reload Sealant that is good up to 6 months, Interior cleaned vacuumed and door jams wiped down. 


2 Door cars -150

4 Door cars- 160

SUV's- 175

Large SUV's and Trucks-200


This can be added to Standard Detail. What this service does is give your faded/swirled/Micro marred paint new life. It removes imperfections and gives it that show room shine. This can be done with one step to multi step.  One step can give dramatic change to the paint, that can get rid of 60-70% of the imperfections.  Multi step can bring the paint back to new and get rid of 80-90% of the imperfections.  Prices vary depending on the condition of the paint and what the client would like to achieve with it. 



This service will give your car the ultimate protection and gloss that there is. This is not a wax or sealant this is Ceramic Coating that is applied to the paint that can last up to 12-24 months on our entry level coatings and for our Premium coatings 2-10 years. 


Please see Cquartz Finest/Professional and Ceramic Coatings for more info.