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We install Cquartz Coatings and proud to be one of a couple installers in MD that are allowed to install Cquartz Professional coatings.  One of the hardest coatings to be authorized in and one of the leading coatings in the industry

Contact us for further info on which coating will fit you. 

CarPro has earned an outstanding reputation for over delivering on initial expectations with every one of their ceramic coatings! Not only is their CQuartz’ nanotechnology cutting edge, but they design, manufacture, and support an entire line of innovative and easy to use maintenance products that are the envy of the industry. Most importantly, the results are second to none, save time, and keep your car turning heads everywhere it goes!

Not only are CQuartz coatings leading the industry with constant advances, but no other company takes as much pride and care with every installer application they review! Thousands of detailers in North America apply to become CQuartz Professionals and only a select few are approved because of the standards for quality of work and integrity that CarPro demands from each installer.

Cquartz Professional Coatings Package:

Full Paint correction/Ceramic Coating and Interior

3-4 Day process 

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  • Full foam bath and Iron remover

  • Clay bar car and wheels

  • Paint correction (vehicle is inspected for condition and paint is measured to find the proper steps that are needed) 

  • Once correction has been done than we finish paint out to give it a nice gloss

  • All oils are removed before coating 

  • 2 thick layers of Cquartz Finest are applied

  • Wheels removed and polished

  • Calipers (if applicable are cleaned and polished)

  • Wheels and calipers are coated 

  • All coated services are heat cured with IR Lamp 

  • All window surfaces are coated in Cquartz Flyby 30

  • Interior is cleaned and all leather is treated. 

  • Car must sit for 24 hours after application to insure no water contact happens

  • Maintenance kit comes free with purchase

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